Monica's Writings

Monica kept a journal most of her life. Her earliest writings have been lost, but she left behind many notebooks from the last few years detailing her travels, friends, dreams, and struggles. A few snippets from these journals will be posted here to share with her family and friends.

Rules to live by:

  • Work on finding a way to reconnect with old friends as much as possible without being or feeling needy.
  • Maybe the sooner I find my little chunk of earth that makes me feel rich, the better, but you can never settle on any point.. your mission: find a place you can be happy for at least 4 yrs.
  • Always have a space that is splash guarded, designated as a painting area.
  • Make 1 thing a day
  • Vegan

Today the perfect life would be a job involving physical outside activity that I could excel at, nice, positive people to work with a secure, home where Barney would be safe, happy where I could have a garden, privacy, making my own clothes. Eating healthy (vegan) having friends that enjoyed similar interests.

could there really be a different sporting event on every night that these guys habitually watch at full volume exciting enough to exhale full volume cheers and curses from a smallish group of guys between which none probably even owns a football.

I returned to my humble campsite at the Prairie to begin my part time job feeding, cleaning the cages of, and dosing feed for about 160 juvenile white Ibis's in a large quartered off outdoor net enclosed avery.... I work mostly only outdoors doing moderately physical tasks, so all in all I feel incredibly lucky and grateful.

Some things I had right all along. It's true you can meet some incredible people at a bar, over a drink, but I'd rather meet them during the day. Maybe on a beach ...

Last night I want for a walk alone on the beach and decided to never be afraid to do so again.

It's a sad, sad thing to be scared to walk on a beach, or to ride your bike at night. Much greater risks have been taken.